Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Artwork

When I saw this artwork in the baby's bag, I just couldn't be happier. Happy. Proud mama. Blessed. Thankful. All good feelings in ONE! My daughter is growing up too fast. We used to send her to the church's nursery during Sunday service when she was 2 months old, swaddled in a blanket and handed her over to one of the teacher's to be carried in the nursery. And today, she's 2.5yo and she did her first artwork in church!

OH baby girl.. where did the time go?

It was Easter week and she did her first Easter artwork in the church. She was happy with her artwork and I'm super proud with it. Not only that, her favorite song of the week is "Jesus loves me this I know". She sang and sang in the car, throughout the journey home. Baby girl, Jesus loves you so much!

Here's some random conversation with Ashlynn during the Easter week:

Chat #1
Me : Ashlynn, mama loves you!
Ashlynn : Okayy... I love Jesus too!

Chat #2
Me :  Ashlynn, mama loves you!
Ashlynn : NO! I love Jesus!

So, it was all about Jesus the entire week. I couldn't be happier when she put Jesus/God above everything else (especially in the chat #2). Easter is definitely all about Jesus. Who He is and what He has done for us. For He came and He died for us, He rose again and He is alive! Baby girl, my prayer to you everyday is that you will love Jesus always, you will always put Him first above anything else and you will always walk in His ways and His words will always be the light of your path. Amen.

We love you so much! =)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Honey Bear Birthday Party - Part 2

Birthday Cards are ready!!! 

I'm satisfied with the printout. Very nice layout but the wordings a little blur. Anyway, I'm still happy with this DIY invitation card. I have a few more things to do, hopefully to get them done before I go for my holiday again. =D

Invitation cards will be out tonight! I'm excited for this birthday party.
It's worth celebrating for your child, even though they can't remember or they won't know anything at this young age, but when they grow up, this little celebration that we did for them, it will stay forever in their heart.

And most importantly, we celebrate Life! =)
Friday, April 18, 2014

Honey Bear Birthday Party - Part 1

Hello Everyone!!


Our beary sweet baby boy is turning ONE next month!! 

This mama is excited for a birthday party again... and the theme for the big ONE birthday is Honey Bear! How did I ever come out with this theme? Why not Cars or Mickey or Safari or any other boy's theme? And why Honey Bear? 

So, here's the history of Why Honey Bear. =)

The idea came when I decided to order birthday cake exactly like the design below. But customized it to only 1 tier, 6" since we are just hosting a small party with close friends. So, the design for the 1 tier will be exactly the same like below, with a 3D figurine, a Tiger!  

After ordering this cake, I ordered cupcakes from my friend. When she asked what is the theme of the birthday party, I gulped. I replied, "I don't have any theme in mind, just do anything with blue and yellow?". So, that was it. I ordered 20 cupcakes with an unknown design and she shall surprise me with the design on the actual day.

Then, I looked around for a matching birthday invitation card, cupcake pricks and so on. And thanks to Google, I found an almost similar theme, Bee and Bear. Too cute!! Honey bear! So, this was it. The birthday theme for Daniel. Honey Bear Birthday Party!

So, I decided to re-customized the birthday cake again, changing from a 3D tiger to a 3D bear. And I contacted my friend to do cupcakes almost similar to this honey bear theme. And I customized the birthday invitation cards and cupcake pricks and bottle labels. Everything is good! And I'm one happy mom. I wish I have more time now to DIY most of the snacks and stuffs.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Daniel - 10 months!

Daniel is growing up too fast! From 0 months to 1, then 2, and now 10! Gulp! Breathe in breathe out. On the other hand, I wish he grows faster, he walks faster so that he can play with his Jie Jie, can chase Jie Jie and we can bring both of them out in the park together and yes, we can have lots and lots of fun together! And, I can dress him up smartly in shirt and jeans! I couldn't wait to play the matching colors of summer wears that we bought in NEXT!

Baby Stats:


There was a significant change in his sleeping pattern. Now, he cannot sleep on  his own, he cannot be left in the baby cot and then he dozes off on his own ... Such a drastic change after the Europe trip. He was too used to patting on the butt to sleep, and sleeping next to my mom and not the baby cot... So, after the trip, we had such a tough time to readjust everything. I'm just not confident that he will get back to the previous habit of sleeping on his own (self-settled).

Daniel oh Daniel, can you please eat everything that your mama cooks ? Haha. I actually had a hard time to feed him ABC porridge (which means I dump lots of vege in the porridge). Ended up I had to steam fish and pour in the gravy into his porridge and then only he ate like a Prince. Baby boy oh baby boy... We yet to try something new.. looks like his food adventure is a little boring compare to Jie Jie's time.
Solid Food Adventure:
20 Nov - First intro on Oatmeal Cereal (Yumm)
25 Nov - Oatmeal and Banana Cereal (Yumm)
1 Dec - Apple puree (Yuckk)
19 Dec - Butternut squash puree (Yuckk)
27 Dec - Potato, pumpkin and beef casserole (Super Yumm - bought from Woolworths Australia) 
8 Feb - Avocado + Oatmeal Cereal (Yumm)
 At birth : 3.02 kg
7 weeks : 4.7kg
3 months : (still not checked)
4 months : 6.2kg
5 months : (not checked)
6 months : 6.5kg
6.5 months (30 Nov 2013) : 6.7kg
7 months : (not checked)
8 months : (not checked) 
  9 months : (not checked) 
10 months : (not checked)

Funniest Moment
Nothing much on the funniest moment as mama was away for almost 3 weeks. Sorry baby boy. But we still find your head banging style whenever you hear music is super funny. =D

- knows how to clap!
- knows how to wave bye bye
- kept babbling mama dada baba
- able to hold objects and walk/move

Favorite Toy
Ball and stick!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Favorite baby care products during winter

The items below are my favorite baby care products during winter in Sweden. These are just so perfect for the baby skin during the harsh cold and dry and chilly winter. It is a must to apply lots and lots and lots of lotion/moisturizer to keep the skin moisture. I always ensure that Ashlynn's skin were well moisturized from time to time that I forgot about myself . Due to that, my hand's skin was too dry and it bled easily. You wouldn't want to see how bad it was.. it looked so much like a bloody skin :p

Most of the products below I purchased from Iherb ( as it is way cheaper to ship from US than I purchase locally. No doubt, I'm an Iherb lover! =D

So here's how I apply all of them at one go!
After bath ...

Weleda Baby Oil -> Nature's Baby Organics face and body Moisturizer

Face :
Weleda Baby Oil -> Nature's Baby Organics face and body Moisturizer -> Badger suncreen -> Baby Buds Frost Defence

Lips :
Baby Buds Lip Balm

Surprisingly, Baby Buds does not fail me. I just love it. I did apply generously from time to time, every now and then whenever I see dryness and it works great. Throughout the entire 2 weeks winter trip, my daughter's skin were perfect. No sign of dryness at all. And her lips were well moisturized. I'm happy with all these purchase. And I'm pretty sure the little girl is happy winter-ing. =D

If you plan for any winter trip in future for the kids, make sure you pack along these baby care products. Very important and shouldn't be missed. Baby Buds can be purchased from Parkson.
And if you would like to get the rest of the items from Iherb, feel free to use my product code (HUZ619) and get discount on first purchase.  You will receive $10 off the first order of $40 or more, or you can take $5 off orders less than $40.

I miss Sweden !!If given the chance, I will definitely go back again.. with BOTH kids. =)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ashlynn's first snow!

Ashlynn's first snow was in Kista. Unfortunately, on the day it snowed, we didn't have the time to take a picture because we had to rush to the airport for our flight to Norway. It will be awesome if we manage to file at least one nice picture of her and the snow. Deep down in my heart, I hope that there is more snow when we are back so that she has the chance to see how snow looks like and she has the chance to step and kick on the snow.

And it did snow again!!!
In Oslo!
Felt so satisfied that finally we had captured some nice pictures of her playing with snow. The snow is not thick enough to make a snowman or snowball, but still, we were glad that it snowed and we had some nice photos.

 The snow was getting thicker on the day we left Norway.

The after effect of watching/playing with snow..

Scenario #1 
While taking bath....
Ashlynn : Mama, see snow! Got snow!
Me : Where?
Ashlynn : Pointing towards the bubbles on the floor. lol.

Scenario #2
I was wearing black shirt with white polka dot
Ashlynn : Mama, your shirt got snow.
Me : Looking at my shirt.. haha, she defines white polka dots as snow.
Thursday, March 27, 2014

The spirit of SAHM is soaring!

As day goes by, week after week, month after month... the spirit of SAHM gets stronger. If finance isn't the main concern now, I wouldn't hesitate to throw in the letter of "Hereby, I tender my resignation...."

Situation has been a little haywired lately that makes me feel like resigning in 24 hours. I wish I could be there hugging my son to sleep. Crying it out is not my type... I couldn't bear the pitiful cry, neither can my heart take the pitiful look of a child crying for your attention. Baby is only a baby for a year, they are growing up too fast, why can't I pamper them. I love my babies a lot ...

Here's a little summary of what happened. After 3 weeks of Europe trip, Daniel's routine is a little messed up. He needs some pats on the butt in order to fall asleep. And he hates his crib as of now. Usually, he is an easy going boy, an easy sleeper. All I need to do is to put him in the baby cot, walk out and close the room's door. And he will sleep on his own. But today, it's so different. The moment I turn my head away, he started crying. Crying inconsolably. It's heart wrenching to see him cry till like that, the out-of-breath type of cry. Babysitter is training the same, it can go on for 10-20mins. Oh dear, how can a mother accept it? If I were there, I will cry together with him. This whole situation makes the spirit of SAHM going stronger, I wish I can just throw in the letter and say goodbye.

Secondly, I've just received a not so good news that my boss is cutting short my pumping session in office. I used to pump twice a day in the office (morning and afternoon) and my boss (he's married with a son anyway) suggested that I pump during lunch time and after working hours. This schedule does not work for me as I need to pump every 4 hours in order to maintain a good supply to Daniel that he can be exclusively breastfeed. I just love the bond of breastfeeding, and I'm not ready to cut short the supply. Just imagine that two little eyes starring at you while he nurses, and that little fingers that couldn't stop touching your hair, your nose, sticking his little finger in your mouth... this is what we defined as real JOY! It's a sad news for me, and all in, I'm just demotivated to work and, I feel like throwing in the letter.

Thirdly, Daniel still wakes up to nurse every 3-4 hours midnight and I have very little of sleep. Sometimes I feel so heavy headed in the morning and it's a tough time to get up to work at 6am.

I'm having mixed feelings now. I wish money ain't a concern.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to keep a toddler entertained in the plane

We're back!!! 13 hours flight with a toddler is no joke! But, if I were given a choice, will I do it again? Definitely yes! And the next round, I will have two toddlers in tow. Just couldn't imagine what will happen .. but at least, 3/4 of the journey they will be sleeping. That's the good thing about midnight flight.. if and only if your child sleeps well in the plane. I prayed that Ashlynn will sleep throughout the journey (13 hours) straight and she did. Thank you Jesus. She didn't really sleep from the start to end, but she started to sleep after 3 hours of take off and then 1 hour prior to landing.

And here's how I keep her entertained in the plane...

1) Toys
We brought her favorite toys and the duplo below are the one that I bought for her in Arlanda Airport. It cost me SEK49 for one small box like this. Well, she enjoyed it and most importantly is she's happy in the plane. Otherwise I will be the one mommy that has a lot of eyes staring at me.

2) Stickers
Before we left to the airport, I hopped on to the stationary shop to get some stickers. She loves stickers and at least, this whole set of stickers made her sit quietly during take off. RM4.90 for a quiet 30mins. Worth it!

3) Colored Pencils
Recently, she's addicted to color pencils and coloring and writing and drawing. Thus, we bought a small box of colored pencils and it does keep her occupied for at least 15mins? Not long though, but at least something different. You know, entertaining a toddler is not easy. They just couldn't sit still and if they can sit down quietly for 5 mins, you already consider it a win. 

4) Snacks
Snacks and lots of them. From sweets to biscuits to sticks to anything that you think your child loves to eat. And just to make her sit quietly in the plane, I gave in to a lot of unhealthy snacks like sweets. =.= I would rather her have something she likes than hearing her screams/whines in the plane. Once a while sweet makes a happy kid.

5) Baby Bus on Tablet
Her favorite! Baby bus! She can literally sit down for at least 30mins to play her favorite baby bus. So, don't forget to install lots of games/educational apps/movies in the tablet/phone. It helps a lot!

6) Bananas aka Minions
She discovered her love on bananas (that's what she calls minions) in Europe. She just couldn't get her eyes off these bananas and she laughs over their funny moves/characters. I downloaded a minion game but she's too young to know how to play. Anyway, this entire movie makes her sit quietly in her car seat when we took a taxi from Arlanda Airport to Kista.
Basically this is how I keep the toddler entertained during the flight. We thank God that more than half of the journey she was sleeping. Thankful!

And here's my happy girl after 13 hours flight from KL - Amsterdam. She did great during the flight, only a little whines/tantrums/cry. But overall, she was a champ. Thank you Ashlynn, Thank you Jesus. =D

We shall do this again baby, ok? And the next time? We shall do it together with Daniel! =))
Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daniel, mama misses you!

Daniel boy, mama misses you very much and I just want to let you know that I love you and you and you! I couldn't wait to be back! Saying the word see you soon is pretty tough, and it hurts my heart so much when I see the plane flying high, and we are thousand miles apart now. But ... we will reunite soon, and mama just couldn't wait for the day to come!

Daniel - 9 months

And he is 9months!!
- Crawling and chasing after jie jie
- Standing up with support
- Still dislikes apple puree but eating porridge like a King.
- Crying and calling ma-ma-ma-ma-ma at the same time.. smart boy! He knows this tactic to get a full attention from Mama.

So, where did the time go? I just couldn't believe this sweet boy of mine will be ONE in 3 months time. Wowweeee! Lots of hugs and kisses to you baby boy, from all of us!!

Baby Stats:


Still same old routine, you roughly wakes up to nurse about 12-1am and then 3-4am. And afternoon nap is still the same, sometimes you sleep like a champ, but sometimes you sleep for 1 hour and wakes up crying. Mama just can't wait for the day you grow up and easily fall asleep like your jie jie.
(This mama loves spikey hair, and ain't him handsome with hairstyle like this? Hehehe)

Ok, roughly mama knows what you like. You have a taste bud exactly the same like your dad. Something nice, you gobble down the food like a King, but if the porridge is tasteless/fishy, no matter how hard I stuff in the porridge, you will spit out every single mouth of them. Boy oh boy... Did I say you love bread/cake ? The only way to keep you entertained in the car is thru this.. feeding of bread/cake. =D
Solid Food Adventure:
20 Nov - First intro on Oatmeal Cereal (Yumm)
25 Nov - Oatmeal and Banana Cereal (Yumm)
1 Dec - Apple puree (Yuckk)
19 Dec - Butternut squash puree (Yuckk)
27 Dec - Potato, pumpkin and beef casserole (Super Yumm - bought from Woolworths Australia) 
8 Feb - Avocado + Oatmeal Cereal (Yumm) 
 At birth : 3.02 kg
7 weeks : 4.7kg
3 months : (still not checked)
4 months : 6.2kg
5 months : (not checked)
6 months : 6.5kg
6.5 months (30 Nov 2013) : 6.7kg
7 months : (not checked)
8 months : (not checked) 
  9months : (not checked)
Funniest Moment
As you grow older, you are getting more and more cheeky. The other day, you just knew that you are not allowed to go to the restricted area, but you slowly crawl towards there, and while crawling, you paused for a few moments and looked at me, if I ever carry you back.. I ignored at first, and you slowly crawled there again.. and then you paused and looked at me again. Haha. Cheeky! 
One more thing! Whenever you hear music, your head goes up and down like a rock star. Mama believes you inherited your papa's musical talent. Baby, use it to serve God! ;)
- pulls self to standing position
- learning to stand with support for longer period and learning how to cruise while holding to object
- expert crawler
- reaches for objects while crawling
- able to identify small tiny objects on the floor and trying to pick them with the fingers
- babbles a lot (ba ba ba ba ma ma ma ma)
- responds to name
- responds to commands (like No) and then he cries .. Haha
- cries whenever we walk away from him

Favorite Toy
Ball!! You love balls! 

My dearest Daniel, we love you lots and lots. Papa and mama prayer are the same everyday, that you and jie jie grow healthy and strong, His angels are with you all the time, that both of you will do well in your life, filled with wisdom and knowledge of God, walk in His ways and loves Him more than anything else.

We love both of you so much!!