Thursday, July 17, 2014

My favorite gadget for baby food

We went to home expo fair at PWTC few weeks ago and we came across a counter selling this little hand gadget. I'm impressed with the functionality, especially in making dough / blend raw materials into pieces. This hand gadget is particularly useful when I need to chop meat. All I need to do is to dump a half frozen meat into the blender. This blender works great! I saved a lot of time in chopping and chopping and chopping. 

The first day itself, I've tried making dough for my pan mee soup. Super delicious! I don't have to knead with my hands and all I need is to put 6 spoons of water and 3 spoons of flour. Put some salt and oil .. and taaadaaa! The texture is good. Soft and elastic. Perfect!

So last weekend, as I was preparing porridge for the kids, I decided to fry egg with long beans + carrot + onion + garlic. So, I throw everything inside and blend................ If you want the material to be a little coarse, don't blend too long. 3-4 spins will do.

Ashlynn loves fried egg! See ... so easy!

This gadget indeed is so useful. I saved a lot a lot of time preparing the ingredients.. and I can actually kao tim everything in 15 mins . Plus washing.... =D Oh Yeahh.. this gadget is super easy to wash. Only 3 things to wash : Container + cover + blender knife ( I don't know what to call it, :p) So easy .. the most important thing when buying a kitchen gadget is whether it is easy to wash or not, how many things to wash. The lesser the better, the easier to dismantle the better. And this is super simple.

Highly recommended gadget .. buy buy buy! 
And I'm happy with this purchase.
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kindergarten Headache

We have plans to send our little champ to kindergarten next year. I started to look around, mainly in Google for reviews and feedback on the kindergarten that I'm interested in. For goodness sake, the more I read, the more I know, the more paranoid I became. I just couldn't believe some kindergarten is that of-a-kind. Oh well, don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a kindergarten by the environment, it can be pretty deceiving by the outlook, but when it comes to school time, we just wouldn't know what happens.

I wish to delay one more year so that the time spent with little champ is longer. And I don't have to worry so many things. I just couldn't imagine what will happen next year.

What if little champ is not happy going to school
What if little champ kena bully at school
What if the teacher punishes her because she pee pee in her pants
What if little champ do all sorts of drama when waking her up to school
What if little champ feels stress in school

I just couldn't free off my mind with all these What If(s).

Oh God, please keep our little champ safe. Please help us to find a good passionate dedicated kindergarten for our little champ. Please give little champ the excitement to go to school. Please guide little champ to mix around with good kids. Please guide little champ in her studies that everything is so easy for her. God, we uphold little champ into your hands that your grace, blessings and mercy will follow her all the days of her life. Amen.

All I need is relax and breathe in breathe out. Surrender all to God's hands knowing that He will protect His daughter. =)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Tikes Slide - A happy Purchase

I've been eye-ing this slide for quite some time and I couldn't resist the urge of buying when I saw this at Preloved. We don't really have much time to bring the kids to the playground, and it has been raining almost every evening. So, it's a little impossible to let the kids run freely in the playground. Not to forget, the big irritating mozzies that loves the sweet blood of your sweet child. Forget all those hassles, I decided to get a mini slide for them to play at home. And when I saw someone selling this... I just couldn't be happier. Buy Buy Buy! Of course, I do get the permission from Mr Hubby. The moment he said "OK, buy". I was like.. is that him? Haha. I didn't expect him to agree that soon because this item will occupy space at home. And we already have a lot of things in the living room, so I was just trying my luck if he agrees to purchase this. Voila!! I contacted the seller, we discussed the price, the location and ta dahh... the Little Tikes junior slide is now at our home sweet home. =D

And Jie Jie is one happy girl! Mama, One more time.. Mama, One more time. Haha.
Very soon, Di Di will join in the fun and both of them will have a fun time at home, in their mini playground.

Some reviews on this slide:
1) I wish this slide is a little higher and longer.. a little too short and few seconds, jie jie is down on the ground. If it's a little higher then it's perfect.
2) This slide is stable! Not to worry the steps will fall apart or the slide will suddenly get dismantled due to the weight.. no. Don't worry.
3) The purple and pink is so sweet.... *ok, this is out of topic* Haha
4) Very easy to dismantle and fix, but too bad, this slide is not easily fold for storage. They do have any range of Little tikes junior slide that is easy to fold and unfold for storage. You can check it out at Amazon.

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. There's another brand from China, oh well... I don't really trust China products these days. We purchased one training potty with stairs for Jie Jie but the potty drops easily when jie jie climbs up the stairs. Not safe. Not secure. So, I still prefer children products that has proper quality assurance. For a peace of mind. =)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mix and Match

If you read my posts about Daniel's adventure in solid food, he dislikes apple puree so much that he will fight with all his might just to make sure no apple puree down his throat. But, knowing that an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, I never give up in trying.

Idea come and go, and I decided to play mix and match. Since he dislikes apple puree on its own, why don't I mix with something interesting? The other day, Isetan was having Laughing Cow cheese promotion and my colleague said her SIL used to mix the cheese in the porridge for her son. Why I've never thought of that, perhaps I could try to mix with Daniel's apple puree! So, I bought one pack of the cheese and mixed with his apple puree. He's a clever cheeky boy. He tasted some first and he opened his mouth wide the moment he finished the first spoon. He gobbled down the whole bowl of apple cheesy puree like a champ! No fuss. No struggle. I win!! Haha. And the next morning, I went back to Isetan and bought 4 more boxes of laughing Cow Cheese. Super Kiasu. Lol.

Next, I decided to mix apple + Dragon fruit. I was just trying my luck the other day, hopefully the sweet dragon fruit will cover the sourness in the apple puree. And it did. First, I steam the apple and then blend it together with 2 slices of dragon fruit. It made one big bowl of apple dragon puree. I was a little not confident if he can finish up the whole bowl, or I must add some cheese to cover the taste. But But, I was so wrong. He finished up the entire bowl! No cheese added. It's pure blended apple + dragon fruit. I win again!! Muahahaha.
Tonight.. I'm going to try apple puree + banana. Haha. Let's see if I win this game as well. =DD
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Favorite Baby Apparels

I'm on top of the moon every time when it comes to shopping for baby apparels. I love shopping. I'm a real shopaholic. And I love to shop for my babies! So, here's a list of my favorite baby apparels.

1) Next
Website :

Number ONE in list goes to Baby NEXT! Unfortunately, there's no NEXT in Malaysia. I shopped like crazy when I was in Sweden and Shanghai. Just wondering when and who will attempt to open an outlet in Malaysia. Otherwise, I plan to purchase online at, they do provide free shipping to Malaysia. I will try one day when my kids outgrow the batch of NEXT clothes I bought. The clothes aren't really cheap, but the quality is good and the design is awesome. It's either too handsome or too pretty. See it to believe it... I love NEXT!

2) Carters/OshKosh
Website :

Secondly, I like Carters/Osh Kosh. Especially the onesies. Those carters Onesies material is so thin that it fits perfectly in our hot and humid weather. I love their dresses too. They have few ranges of dress, from party to home wear. And I like the designs of their tshirts, especially for girls! Awwww.. I wish they do have such cute designs for adults. =/

3) The Children's Place
Website :

What I like about Children Place is their tights for girls! I hardly buy Children's Place tshirts, but I always buy their tights for my daughter. Good quality and it has few ranges of sizes that fits my daughter well.

4) Crazy8
Website :

Crazy8!! I definitely went crazy over the sales in this shop. I bought a winter jacket for Ashlynn for only $12.99. How crazy was that. And with that crazy sales, I went and sapu about 3 more jackets for Ashlynn and Daniel. Super kiasu that I just couldn't resist the sales.. Lol. During sales, their tshirts can even go as low as $2.99! I have been telling my friend in US that I really went crazy at Crazy8 and she couldn't agree more. This is her favorite shopping outlet too!

5) Gymboree
Website :

Gymboree is the last choice for baby apparels because of the price. But during year end sales, I still manage to grab some Gymboree baby wear for both of them. The quality of the clothes are superb, and that explains why they are expensive. You can only buy Gymboree clothes during sales. Other than that, no way. I managed to grab some sweater for $15, $7 for one dress, $8 for long sleeve romper and $4.99 for long sleeve tshirt during sales.

The best time to go crazy for baby clothes are during year end sales in December! That's when I really go crazy shopping for the next size for the kids. I wouldn't want to pay a full price for baby clothes, but I will spot for sales and grab as many different sizes I could to save more! =DD Spend wise I could say.. haha.
Monday, June 2, 2014

HFMD nightmare!

Hubby : Dear, if there is a vaccine that can prevent HFMD forever, will you let the kids take it?
Me : No, I won't. Because there are so many variants, no point get them vaccined.
Hubby : If there is a vaccine that cover all variants of HFMD, will you let them?
Me : Yes!! If only they can confirm 100%.

Last week was extremely tough. Jie Jie was running a fever, and few days later she complaint of "mouth pain" and then she refused to eat or drink. We forced her and when we looked at the way she gobbled the food down the throat, our heart sank. We felt it was a nasty sore throat. The next day, Di Di started to feel warm. And his temperature at night spiked up to 39. I sponged him, gave him paracetamol and off he went to sleep. The next morning, we brought them to Prince Court and thankfully, we were scheduled the third in queue even though we were quite last minute, no appointment made. We get to see the Dr and he said he saw few ulcers in the throat. Same goes for Daniel. In conclusion, it was the nasty HFMD again! Sighhhh............ We experienced it before and we knew how tough it was for the kids to get infected with this horrible disease.

We went home, struggled with both crying super cranky super demanding kids, trying our best to get them fed with water/milk/food/medicine. We all struggled. I cried. It was tough. Super tough on them. This disease is indeed a monster. Daniel woke up middle of the night, crying and struggling because the dryness + ulcers on the throat irritated him. He didn't swallow his saliva because it was painful for him to do so, so he has been drooling all over the mattress, his shirt, the floor.. and everywhere. And you wouldn't believe me how many thousand times I changed his shirt, napkins and bedsheets as he vomited every now and then, especially after feed. Poor baby. Jie Jie dealt with this much better, she only fussed when we wanted her to take a sip of water/milk/food.

The next day, I woke up feeling feverish. Not again! It was tough when you are sick and when both kids are sick. So, who's gonna take care both of them. Hubby is busy with work + MBA thesis. Tough Tough!

But... we all survived!!
It's all by His Grace!

And we are all now on the road of recovery.. The kids are healed, they eat like normal now (Thank God) and now I'm waiting for my ulcers to heal.

All is well!
Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blessed Birthday Baby Boy

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Daniel
Happy Birthday to you!

May the good Lord bless you
May the good Lord bless you
May the good Lord bless Daniel
May the good Lord bless you!

Last weekend's birthday party was a success and we were happy that our guests enjoyed themselves. We had a great time together, a great fellowship catching up with one another and a great time of candid shots, photograph after photograph. Nice!

Here are some shots on the day.... 

 A beary birthday banner... Initially, I wanted to do a Onesies birthday banner but it didn't turn out as it should, I find it so troublesome to cut and paste on blue color paper and then cut again. So, I googled and I saw this banner! So cute! And it fits perfectly in our birthday theme. A beary birthday party!
*Thank you my colleague for cutting all these for me, without her, I wouldn't be able to complete everything on time, or I have to burn midnight oil. Kam siahh!*

This birthday cake is super awesome! So so beary cute. And so so pretty! I feel like hugging the little bear there. Such a lovely cake! Oh well, this cake received lots of praises from our guests too. Bet this is really a good one. 
Here's where I order this cake - Cakelicious by Little Deer

 Macaroons!!! Freshly baked, delivered to us in the morning and the taste is awesome. No coloring, no preservatives.. all natural. I don't have the link where this is ordered because my friend gave this as Daniel's birthday gift. A nice gift to everyone.. the guests. Thank you!!

 Another surprise cupcake by Coleen. So so lovely and pretty! When I ordered from her, I just said chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and I didn't actually know how the cupcakes are gonna look like. The moment she brought this over to the party and setup for me with her cupcake stand, I was like.. wow, this cupcake is so pretty to be eaten. I wish to keep this forever!! 
Here's her link : Sweettreets by Coleen

 Birthday packs for the birthday boy buddies!! I did this on Saturday morning itself. Haha. What a last minute mom. But hey, I finished everything on time! Hehehe...

To wrap up everything, here's a perfect picture of four of us!
*Thanks Catherine Ong Pictures for such gorgeous shot*

I heart and treasure this picture a lot. Indeed, the two cuties are our perfect gifts from Heaven.

I pray that they will always grow up healthy and strong. They have strong immune system. They won't fall sick easily. They have bright healthy mind. They will do well in their lives. They know what is right and what is wrong. They will be obedient children. They will love God and put God first. They will serve Him. They will use their talents and gifts to bless the people. They will grow up to be wise and full of wisdom. They will walk in His ways and in the light of His path. They will grow from glory to glory, faith to faith and grace to grace. They will do well in their studies and glorify God with their excellent results. They will know how to protect themselves. They will be safe all the time, protected from harm and danger. They will have a big heart, a heart that filled with love!

 Happy First Birthday Daniel! How time flies, you are no longer a baby, you are now called a Toddler. But, you are always our baby forever.. no matter how old you are, as long as we live, you are our baby forever! We love you to the moon and back! 

Have a blessed year ahead.. and God bless you richly!!! Stay strong, stay healthy, stay wise and keep growing =)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

13 May 2014

13 May 2014. Just couldn't sleep well last night knowing that I didn't prepare anything for Daniel's big ONE today. Felt guilty for not getting even a birthday cake to celebrate at home. I wish Justin is here to celebrate this joyous day together. The four of us. A complete family on this important day. While nursing Daniel at 2am this morning, I silently wished him Happy birthday. We love you. Sorry for not doing anything. And my heart sank as I wished him. I nursed him at 5am again and I know deep down in my heart I must do something so that I won't regret tomorrow that I just let this day passed by not doing anything. It's still not too late to buy a birthday cake. At 8am, I get ready the kids, dressed them up, settled their food for the day, and at 10am, off we went to the bakery shop. Thankful for a helpful shop owner that helped me to load the cake while I buckled both kids up in the car seat and we drove home excitedly, big sister couldn't wait to cut the cake. She chose mickey mouse cake for Daniel. So sweet.

Happy and Blessed First birthday my boy! Greater things are yet to come! Mommy, Daddy and Jie Jie pray that you will grow up filled with wisdom, love, joy and success!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daniel - 11 Months

I know and I know and I know that I'm pretty late with this 11 months old post. So sorry baby boy.
You're really my heart throb. You melt my heart in every single ways. And I love you more than words can say. Call me blessed. Beyond blessed. More than blessed to be gifted two precious gifts, a daughter and a son. A blessed mommy indeed.

Baby Stats:


You're back to your pattern, that you fall asleep on your own again. You still wake up to nurse, at least twice a night. Oh well, I'm not sure how long this will last until you wean yourself, but I just love to do it for you, despite the less of sleep. Looking at it positively, at least I don't have to wake up to hit the breastpump. =)

Improves in feeding, especially on Apple Puree. The other day, I added some laughing cow cheese inside and you ate like a champ. Success!! And more food adventure to come baby boy... stay tuned! =DD
Solid Food Adventure:
20 Nov - First intro on Oatmeal Cereal (Yumm)
25 Nov - Oatmeal and Banana Cereal (Yumm)
1 Dec - Apple puree (Yuckk)
19 Dec - Butternut squash puree (Yuckk)
27 Dec - Potato, pumpkin and beef casserole (Super Yumm - bought from Woolworths Australia) 
8 Feb - Avocado + Oatmeal Cereal (Yumm) 
2 May - Apple Puree + Laughing Cow Spread Cheese (Yumm)
9 May - Sweet Potato + Purple Carrot Puree (Yumm)

 At birth : 3.02 kg
7 weeks : 4.7kg
3 months : (still not checked)
4 months : 6.2kg
5 months : (not checked)
6 months : 6.5kg
6.5 months (30 Nov 2013) : 6.7kg
7 months : (not checked)
8 months : (not checked) 
  9 months : (not checked) 
10 months : (not checked) 
11 months : (not checked)  

Funniest Moment
We're playing hide and seek!! Your mama just loves to make you giggle. The louder the better, more fun. Haha. Chasing after you is so fun, and when you run away, you giggle so loud. We've got it recorded and see it when you're older. Cute little baby boy =)
- still learning how to stand without support. Go baby go!
- when you hear the song "If you're happy and you know it".. you will get ready your hands to clap!
Favorite Toy
Jie Jie's books. That he can chew and chew when nobody is looking. =/

Mama's baby boy is growing up so fast!!
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Minions Addict

Her first mandarin word is Xiang Jiao. All thanks to Minion. =D

She loves Minions so much that I decided to get a minion cupcake for her and look at the smile on her face. So priceless. This genuine smile of genuine happiness from the life of a child. As days go by, I love her more and more. She's getting prettier and prettier, her vocab increases and she surprises us by singing the full lyrics of Twinkle Twinkle little star and also Jesus Loves Me. And she did all these at the age of 2.5yo. Wow. I'm impressed at how fast a child learns and unlike the olden days, child these days are so smart.

She happily wiped the cream, the Minion and then the butter cake. =D