Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And he sits!

17 January 2014
8 months 4 days

Two significant events on this date....
My father's birthday.
And the day my baby boy sits on his own.

 My heart literally cheered for him. I was just so happy that I screamed at the babysitter's house when we picked the kids up in the evening, and I saw my boy was sitting next to the chair... "Daniel sits on his own?" and the babysitter replied "Yes! This whole morning he has been sitting down."
I went Wow Wow Wow... Daniel sits on his own. My heart was filled with so much joy and excitement, another new milestone that he has accomplished. He sits on his own! Oh Yes, this is definitely a big deal. He learn this all by himself. So, a big big big clap for him... Great job baby boy. Muackssss.........

The next milestone that we have been looking forward for... crawling on all fours which he has been practicing hard day and night. Haha. 

What a little cutie he is. I love my babies!

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