Friday, July 5, 2013

Daniel - 7 Weeks

Date : 1 July 2013

How far along : 7 Weeks

Weight : 4.7kg at 7 weeks checkup

Height : 57cm at 7 weeks checkup

Sleep : Since week 7, you started to sleep through. And hopefully you really into sleep through the night and I hope this schedule does not change. That it stays put! Your last feed will be either 8/9pm and I put you to bed and then you travel to your dreamland. You make some noises around 2amish, but I ignore, because you didn't cry. And you continue sleeping until 5-6am. Thank you Daniel, you are giving your mama a whole lot of energy, she now has some sufficient rest. Except to get up at 2amish to pump. =)

Food :  You are still drinking well from both breast and bottle. And you do not fuss when we give bottle. Well, you will be going to the sitters' on 12 July and of course, I will miss DL-ing you. Your suck works so much greater than pumping. And, I do not have to wash bottles. =/

Best moment this week : The picture below explains it all. Don't you think you both look so adorable here ? Especially when your sister goes near you, stroke your tiny hairs and pointed to your eyes, nose, and mouth. You both are just so precious.

And you know what? It has been pretty challenging to change your diaper! I have to be really fast. You will either wet your shirt or the mattress or even me! And now I learn the tactic, to just take a napkin and cover. Just incase. Haha!

Well, we brought you for your 7 weeks/1 month checkup with the Dr. And everything was great. You gained well, and for sure, you are going to be a tall baby. See how much you have grown since the last checkup. From 51cm - 54cm - 57cm! I'm happy. Really happy that you grow so well. And extremely happy knowing that you are healthy and fine!

You had your 6in1, rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccination. You cried buckets, but after everything, you were your usual self again, with the coos and aaahh. You had 2 days fever. Mild. And you vomited once a day. You don't feel irritated, you were not fussy.. and we are so thankful!

Your next checkup will be on 21 Sept. Whereby you will be having your checkup together with your sister! And at that time, you will be in your 4th month... =)

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