Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to work resolution


12 July 2013. Marks the end of my maternity leave. And the start of my working life. Back to the routine. Back to the not-enough-sleep mode.

On my first day of back-to-work... I was greeted by many colleagues.. Ohh, you're back ... Long time no see... How are you .. 2 months fly so fast.. How's your baby.. How's Ashlynn settling with the newborn?

And... there was one particular "greeting", that made me stepped back a little. I just do not know how to respond. My heart ache a little. Because all this while.. "that" has been my huge concern. A silent stab in my heart....

What can I do
How to go back in shape
When only I can go back to normal
How long does it take?

That little "greeting" that spoiled my back to work mood...

And... that little "greeting", will be my back to work resolution.

Those words that spit out directly to my face "You are fat, your fat tummy, your fat thigh" ... I take it seriously, and I will make it happen. That one day, that little "greeting" will be a great compliment.

Thank you for throwing those words to me, that you made me realized how important it is to go back in shape. And I will prove it to you.. that it will happen. It will happen one day.. not now. But one day.

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