Sunday, June 30, 2013

D-Link Cloud Cam VS Baby Monitor

When Daniel was still in the womb, we had many plans listed and one of it was to purchase a baby monitor. We did some survey, from website to websites, link to links and good quality baby monitor is superbly expensive! Good one can go up to RM1k, which is very clear and high in resolution especially during the night.

So, instead of getting a baby monitor, we decided to go ahead with an IP Camera! Which is half of the price of a baby monitor and yet the quality is good! After using it for 1 week, we are totally satisfied with the result. We can easily monitor our baby anywhere in the house, I just need to switch on the Dlink Cloud Cam app. But, the downside is that in the app, it gets disconnected after 30 seconds and you have to press the Reconnect button again. But, if you are monitoring from computer, it stays good and clear and not lagging at all. You can even monitor from the website, but sometimes it can be quite lag when your baby moves. Unless you have a super high speed network.

 We purchased this model and it works great just like a baby monitor. Only RM200+. And if you are outstation, it can serve you well as an IP camera and can spy your house anytime and anywhere.

Here's the screenshot captured when monitoring from computer. Ain't it great? This camera is so useful especially when baby is sleeping in the room and I'm out in the living room with Ashlynn or I need to settle some house chores.

 The quality during the night. 

 The quality during the day!

Well, if you think purchasing a baby monitor is too pricey, then consider this! And today, I can't live without this camera...... I'm using it day and night, almost 24 hours a day! And we are SATISFIED! Good purchase! =D

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