Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How safe is the world?

Sometimes or most of the times, I feel stress by just stepping out from the house with my little girl. It's not all about the bulky and heavy diaper bag, or the crying/screaming baby at the mall... it's not about all those. You see, if you are a regular newspaper reader, you will know what I'm trying to say here. The world ain't getting any better, more and more people are watching what you are doing, your lifestyle, your habits ... your everything.

Stalkers are following after you everywhere, without you knowing it. All we can do is to take precaution. Take the safest steps.

Whenever I'm out, I hold my baby tight with me, if she wants to walk, I hold her hands. Never let go.. I would rather take turns to carry her, no matter how tired am I, I carry her close to my heart. At least I know she's perfectly safe in my arms. Nobody can grab her away from me ...

Reading of so many news of missing child, and having a child on my own, I just can't fold my arms and sitting down doing nothing. As I said, the world is watching over you. Even in a silence morning. There might be a bat hanging on top of the ceiling looking down at you. You won't know.

And thus, I understand why some parents invest in baby leash. Before having a baby on my own, I think that it looks pretty ugly. Why wear it on your child when you have hands to hold your own child? Having a child on my own, I look at different perspective. And I know why they need one. Perhaps their child is extremely hyperactive and to prevent them from going too far away from you, especially in crowded areas. So, without knowing their situation, their challenges --> do not come out with the conclusion that they-are-not-good-parents. No... don't judge it that way, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry, and most of the times you can't please the eyes of everyone!

And I'm holding my child tighter than usual ... I can't afford to make mistake, and that's where all the stress arises. Never forget, our Father in Heaven is watching over us as well. And now, I proclaim Psalm 91 over my family ..................... God is good.

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