Wednesday, May 9, 2012

32 Weeks

Date : 9 May 2012

How far along : 32 weeks

Weight : 7.77kg

Height : 65cm

Sleep : -

Food :
  The next intro is blended White Potatoes with milk! Her first expression was so funny, as if the food is so pure disgusting that she frowned! Haha.

So far, she has tasted:
1) Ninolac Rice Cereal 4mths (no allergy)
2) Cerelac Rice Cereal 6mths (allergy)
3) Heinz Apple & Mango puree 4mths (no allergy, she doesn't like it cause sour)
4) Heinz Peas & Zucchini 4mths (no allergy, but she dislike the vege smell)
5) Heinz Farley's Rusks 6mths (no allergy, she loves it. But mommy dislikes it, because too sweet)
6) Home cooked porridge with anchovies + carrot (allergy)
7) Bellamy's Organic Baby porridge (no allergy, she loves it when added some milk)
8) Cerelac Rice + Soy (lil of allergy)
18.4.12 ~ Ninolac Wheat and milk cereal 6 mths ( no allergy, but high sugar content. Mommy dislikes it)
23.4.12 ~ Sweet potatoes puree ( no allergy, yeay. but lil girl dislikes it much, haha.)
28.4.12 ~ Rafferty's Garden Organic Baby's Banana Porridge (no allergy, she loves banana!)
5.5.12 ~ Blended potatoes puree with milk

Best moment this week: In the past few weeks, she has got the skills to move backwards. Her babysitter said that she moved backwards from the living room until kitchen. And this week, she's learning to move forward and she can grab whatever toys that she wants, just by wriggling forward, pushing herself with her elbows and knees. And if you couldn't find her anywhere on her playmat, try looking for her underneath the dining chairs or piano seat. She's definitely somewhere there.. lol. Soon, she will be crawling. Yeay! My baby girl is growing up fast! =) Besides, she's showing so much interest in my food. I had my MCD in front of her the other day and she was looking at my food, moved her mouth and she baa baa baa, her hands moved forward trying to grab my food and her whole action was like "Mom, I want a bite".. so cute!

Favorite Toy : Remote Control! Any remote control with a lot of buttons to press, she just loves it. Not to mention the desire to press all those bulging up buttons, she loves to put them into her mouth too.

Baby Vocabulary : Baa Baa Baa, Ta ta ta

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  1. U eat macd without sharing with her.. Sad..:(.. Mummy next time please share with Ashlynn pls..:p