Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Michelangelo's @ Pavilion, KL

Thanks to our boss that we can have a scrumptious meal after work! At first we thought of the usual places like TGIF or Chillies or any other usual restaurants, but surprisingly, we were told to meet up at this restaurant and all of us were quite delighted. The best part is that there's no budget allocated per person and you can even order up to RM1k worth of food if you have the "thick face". Hehe...

Hot Chocolate (RM12.90)

Mineral water from Italy!

Lumache Cotte Del Burro Dell' Aglio ~ Snails in shell stuffed with garlic herb butter, baked in oven, served with garlic bread. (RM29.90)

Creme Di Funghi ~ Cream of triplet wild mushrooms cooked to perfection with a touch of truffle oil (RM12.90) I love this, the real mushroom soup!

Antipasto Di Mare (2 pax) ~ Slipper lobster, oysters, mussels, smoked salmon, octopus, tiger prawns and salmon fish on a 3-tier platter. (RM79.90). I would still think this can serve 4 pax instead of two ... quite a big portion for appetizer.

Funghi Alla Griglia ~ Grilled fresh champignon mushrooms with garlic (RM18.90). I'm a mushroom lover and just love this dish!!

Filetto Costola Con Funghi ~ Black Angus beef ribeye steak (250gm) with blue cheese sauce served with gratinated potatoes and button mushrooms. (RM78.90)

Filetto Di Salmone ~ Grilled salmon on a bed of mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and served with chives cream sauce. (RM45.90)

Protestare Delle Costole ~ Beef ribs braised with barbeque sauce, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. (RM54.90)

Agnello Al Forno ~ Roasted rack of lamb with fresh herbs crusts with shallot and mint sauce served gratinated potatoes and seasonal veggies. (Seasonal price)

II Seno Di Pollo Imbottito ~ Chicken breast stuffed with creamy mushroom and served with pesto sauce. (RM39.90) My order and unfortunately, I just didn't know how to enjoy beef/lamb. Wasted rite.. haha. Otherwise I would have gone for STEAK! =D

Panacotta ~ A light version of Italian cream caramel, topped with fresh strawberries (RM15.90)

*Unfortunately, I've forgotten to capture the caption of this dessert and have no idea what is it now =( *

Tiramisu ~ An Italian tradition of sponge finger biscuits dipped in espresso liquer, then layered between rich mascarpone cream, topped with cocoa powder (RM17.90)

Gelato (Single scoop) ~ Assorted flavours : Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate. (RM11.90)

Torta Di Cioccolata ~ Italian chocolate lava cake, topped with vanilla ice cream. (RM15.90)

Overall, the food here is quite good and the place is fully packed by 8pm with all the western-ist.

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