Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ikan pari masak lemak @ Tempura Prawn @ Huat Kuih

* This post is dedicated to CL, currently in Vietnam again, pity her so much.. but, you can place order from me when u're back and I will be more than happy to cook for you. Haha.. *

Time to save money... and home cook food is still the best and cheap! Well, if you really want to save money, be like an aunty, go pasar and grab fish, chicken, prawn, veges and cook them yourselves. It will definitely be cheaper than you eat outside and also most importantly, no MSG! If you want to keep healthy hair, learn to COOK! So, here were all the dishes I cooked last weekend.

Ikan Pari Masak Lemak
The very first time I had ikan tenggiri masak lemak was during my PD trip. It was so delicious that I simply can't resist and decided to learn how to cook. The steps were pretty simple, just throw everything. As simple as abc.

Ingredients :
Ikan pari
Santan Cair and pekat
Cili Padi / red chilli
1 keping asam gelugur
1 inci kunyit hidup
3 ulas bawang merah
Garam dan serbuk perasa secukupnya

Steps :
1. Wash the fish, and cut according to the size that you want.
2. Blend the chili, onion and kunyit hidup.
3. Dump all the blended ingredients, santan pekat, serai and asam gelugur into a pot.
4. Leave it to boil and add in fish and salt.
5. Let it boil until the fish is cook and the sos is thick.
6. Tips : You can add brinjal if you like.
(I found this recipe online, perhaps Ieta can help better in this. So I can improve. My favorite dish.. hehe)

Tempura Prawn
I just wonder why the tempura prawn that I fried were just sooo different from my mom's. I used the same flour, perhaps the mixture is too thick or what. I'm not sure. Haha... So, since this is not a successful one, I will not share the recipe.. wait till I make perfect tempura first. Hahahah... =D
(Please don't laugh yea, my first time frying this ok..hehehe)

Huat Kuih
This is also not really perfect. Only the look is good, but the bottom of this cake is hard. Wahahahaha.... failure again. So, no recipe also.. till I make it perfectly. Luckily the flour is cheap for try and error. =D Based on this picture, one lesson to remember which is "Never judge the book by its cover". Always look at the inward. It goes the same for your life partner.. look at the inward and not outward :)

6 Scribbles:

  1. sedapnya nampak masak lemak tu... i dah lama tak masak lemak... jgn ingat I pandai sgt.. kadang2 berketul jugak kuah dia.. fail hehe...

  2. Lavender : haha, rajin to cook, but most of the time the dishes follow recipe tak jadi wan.. just wonder why.. haha.

    Ieta : nampak sedap only, but the taste looks more like curry fish than masak lemak style.. still love the one at PD la... haha.

  3. sz...thanx u so much...i'm so far away and u blog of this food...Yeah, when our next gathering, let had it again...i guess ur blog should see by my friend...else banyak cakap later...nice kuih u make...keep up ur good job...justin, u r so lucky...hehehhe...:p

  4. Your last para: is there a hidden meaning or something?? LOL

    Eh..the huat kuih looks really good..u know the split at the top and all...but why is it HARD at the bottom??Figured out why?

  5. CL : Haha.. why ur *friend will cakap banyak leh? the kuih looks nice only.. but a bit hard... haha

    Sheep : No hidden meaning in the last paragraph, but for all the singles and availables to take note! Haha.... i think the huat kuih too much flour la, tat's y a bit hard at the bottom. I'm going to try again this weekend.. let's see how it goes.. haha. =D